Zapco DC 1000.4 Reference

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Zapco DC1000.4 Reference

ZAPCO Reference Serie

Technische Daten:

Stereo, 4 ohms: 4 x 150 Watts
Stereo, 2 ohms: 4 x 250 Watts
Bridged, 4 ohms: 2 x 500 Watts
T.H.D. + Noise: <0.04% @ 4 ohms
S/N Ratio: >90dB
Slew Rate: >36V/uS
Damping Factor: >300 @ 4 ohms
Dimensions: 24.4"L x7.12"W x 2.35"H

Die ZAPCO Reference Serie ist der "Street Fighter" in der Produktpalette. Bereits bei dieser Serie finden Sie eine Endstufe vor, die 50% "overdone" ist. Das heisst: Die Bauteile sind überdimensioniert so dass bis zur maximalen Ausgangsleistung keinem Teil die Luft ausgeht! Ausgestattet mit Cinch und SymbiLink Eingängen, sowie flexibel und individuell einstellbaren Weichen und Filtern, bietet die Reference Serie von ZAPCO eine beispiellose Flexibilität und Ausgereiftheit bei gleichzeitiger Einfachheit und ausgezeichneter Qualität. Diese Serie hat sich seit Jahren bewährt und ist dank der Erfahrung von ZAPCO durch intelligente Updates heute auf dem neuesten Stand der Seinesgleichen sucht.

This year ZAPCO introduces the DCS series of Reference amplifiers. This series shares the same platform as the analog Reference amps and the same power mix. This means lots of power and clean sound in both lines. The differences between the amps lie primarily in two areas. First, as the initials imply, the new series is digitally controlled. We know Zapco's not the first to do digital control?just the first to do it right. Each ZAPCO DCS amp features a USB input. This allows a PC to be hooked directly to the amp to set all functions. All functions can be set as stereo pairs or as individual channels. These DSP functions include:

1 - Output and input Gain
2 - Input mode: Rt, Lft, or Sum Mono
3 - Crossover mode: High Pass, Low pass, Band Pass
4 - Crossover Slope from 6 - 24dB
5 - Q-Bass Equalization
6 - Network Node Position
7 - Time Delay by both time and distance
8 - 10 bands of Parametric Equalization per Channel
Also available, is a half DIN controller to allow the settings to be made from the drivers seat without a computer. Also on each amp is a pair of RG connectors and a dip switch to "Address" the amp and "daisy chain" multiple amps. Once the amps are addressed you can use a single controller to operate up to 16 or more amplifiers. This allows you to set all functions of all amps in a system right from the driver's seat so you know how each adjustment affects the sound as you make it. Second, The DCS amps all feature our exclusive VRM circuitry which constantly compares the voltage rails to the output impedance. If the circuitry senses lower impedances it automatically adjusts the rail voltage to keep the amp in its power range between 4 ohms and 2 ohms. If the load remains below 2 ohms an LED will notify you to drop into the lower range where the amp will operate down to 1 ohm. Unlike other systems that simply turn down the gain, the VRM actually controls the operating voltage so the amp spends more time working at maximum efficiency.


4-Channel Amp with On-Board Digital Processing
-SymbiLink? Balanced Inputs
-On-Board, Full Function DSP
-Intelligent Rail Voltage Control
-Plays from ½ ohm to 4 ohm Stereo Loads
-USB Input for PC Control
-Optional DRC-SL In-Dash Remote Control
-Optional Digital Programming Network
-Ducted Flow Cooling
-Heavy-Duty, High-Current, Insulated Terminal Blocks
-Space Saving Flush Wiring Connections
-Heavy-Duty Mini ANL Fuse
-Three-Channel Capable
-Gate Drive Boost Circuit
-High-Current Bipolar Outputs
-Optically Isolated MOSFET Power Supply
-Quality ZAPCO construction
** Designed and Engineered in the USA **

Zapco-Endstufen werden vom Europa-Vertrieb indivuduell importiert. Es kann also unter Umständen bei manchen Endstufen etwas dauern, bis diese lieferbar sind. Bitte fragen Sie uns an, falls sie eine exakte Lieferzeitangabe möchten.

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Frage zum Produkt


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